About Miss Harder

“If you decide to go through life without cooking you are missing
something very, very special. You are losing out on one of the greatest pleasures
you can have with your clothes on.” — Nigel Slater

Personal satisfaction in the kitchen is like a drug for me. I absolutely fiend for the moments just before plating a dish, and relish the entire experience that lead to the amazing final product. I’m addicted to cooking. I love sharing food with people, for me it is the ultimate gift, the gift of sustenance, fulfillment, and nutrition.

I lost count of how many times my friends and family have suggested I start a food blog. Though some prefer to keep recipes as protected as family heirlooms, I find it to be a mighty compliment when asked to share. I want you to cook! I want you to try a new recipe, or try a vegetable you’ve never tasted before. If any of you reading this try one of the recipes I’ve posted, I’ve succeeded.

There are not enough home cooks in these times where convenient food outweighs value, quality, and most importantly – nutrition.  The commercial food industries have changed the way we cook, and use artificial ingredients that are completely removed from the way humans are designed to eat, causing disease, malnutrition and obesity. I challenge you to eat more green food!  Most of my recipes will feature produce from the farm I volunteer at, Rare Earth Farms or items from the farmers market. In the winter I try my best to rely on food I’ve preserved throughout the summer harvest.  It’s true what they say, Fresh is Best!

I grew up in North Western Wisconsin, having had summertime gardens that produced massive amounts of cucumbers and tomatoes. To be completely honest, I really wasn’t that into food growing up. My mother put dinner on the table, and we ate the staples of baked chicken, meatloaf, and mac and cheese without complaints. It wasn’t until my late 20’s when I discovered I could make food at home the way it tasted in restaurants. Suddenly my cupboards were filling up with real ingredients instead of packaged convenience.

My gateway food into full-fledged foodie was pesto. The simple delectable Italian sauce contains a mere 5 ingredients. I was on a mini vacation with a friend to Washington Island, and her mother had sent up some pesto with her for us to eat. I didn’t know the ingredients at the time, but once I tasted the peppery, cheesy, garlicky sauce I was hooked. I bought myself a basil plant when I got home and the rest is, well, history.
Reading food blogs online, dinning out to restaurants, talking with friends at the farm while we harvest, and fresh food grown locally inspires me. I hope that the recipes I post will inspire you to try something new in your kitchen and hopefully, you too will have that foodie awakening.




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