To New Beginnings

Ask and ye shall receive! Here you have it, The Harder, She Cooks… A food blog by yours truly, Sarah M. Harder. You’ll have to use your own imaginations to finish the phrase, I like to think the harder she (or he) cooks, the easier it will be. That’s the point of my blog, to share recipes and techniques with those who are not as experienced in the kitchen, or want to try something new and most importantly to share how easy it is to use fresh, local ingredients in the kitchen!

Most of you know I’m a huge advocate of using locally grown produce in as many ways possible. This love affair of farm fresh produce comes from my experience as a work share volunteer at Rare Earth Farms in Belgium, WI – as well as having gardens as a kiddo growing up in NE Wisconsin. I was graciously given two green thumbs, one from each grandmother of mine, and I just can’t help but to play in the dirt and see what will grow. SE Wisconsin is perfectly suited for bountiful growing seasons, although fast, we are lucky to grow food for sustenance throughout the year.

I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie, but I know plenty of people who do. I love food! I love trying new recipes, learning about new techniques, exotic cuisines, rare/random ingredients, fermenting, canning, baking…. The list goes on and on. So maybe I am a foodie after all.

This food blog is a component to a website I’m working on called CSA Share / SE Wisco, which also aims at promoting and educating people about the benefits of CSA membership to local farms here in our back yards. The website will also provide a community for CSA members to share recipes featuring produce from their weekly CSA deliveries and many other helpful tips and information about CSA’s and local farms. It is getting close to final stages, so be on the lookout for a launch within the next couple weeks.

In the mean time, I will be playing with goodies from my own CSA share and other great items from the farmer’s market. I’m always down to try a new recipe, so feel free to share them my way or ask any questions you might have!


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